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Weddings on Pearl of the Lake

Get married on beautiful Lake Pepin, the most romantic spot on the Mississippi!

Lake Pepin is a 22-mile long River Lake nestled in the bluffs of SE Minnesota. Pearl of the Lake is the perfect venue for weddings, rehearsal dinners, groom’s dinner, bachelor parties, and bridal showers! The Pearl can accommodate 100-120 people depending on catering or entertainment space requirements.jamie and jessie in the sunset 2015-08-14

Who performs the ceremony?    

You can bring your own Minister or Officiant or our Captain is also licensed to perform weddings.  The charge for our Captain to perform the ceremony is an additional $250.

We provide a wide range of food options and your final cost depends on your final selections. Catering includes a service charge and sales tax. Liquor and beverages are available at additional cost.

What about catering?
All catering must go through us. Our catering menu is available upon request. The cost is anywhere from $12-$40/per person depending on your food choices.  You are welcome to bring your own wedding cake. We provide a table setup for the cake. Most brides prefer to have their own cake knife as a keepsake. If you would prefer, we can provide one for your use, let us know. There is no extra charge. Cake plates, utensils, and napkins can be provided by the wedding party, or provided by Pearl’s Catering for a charge.

Liquor service
We have the most popular mixed drinks, as well as wines and domestic beers aboard the Pearl of the Lake for your wedding . If you have a special preference please let us know so we can try to have it available for your cruise. We have several options for your event, an open bar where you pay the tab at the end, or you can set the bar at a certain amount (for example you pay the first $500 and after that amount is consumed your guests pay for their own) or you can have a cash bar where guests pay for all of their their own drinks. You can also purchase drink tickets, most people who utilize drink tickets purchase two per guest, the guest can then purchase additional beverages as desired. Individuals drinking alcohol must be 21 years of age.

pearl of the lake weddingHow many people can view the actual ceremony?
The Pearl can accommodate 100-125 people depending on catering and/or entertainment space requirements. The upper level, where the paddlewheels are, and where most people want to get married, holds a maximum of 52 people. We have a 42 inch camera monitor for the people on the lower level to view the wedding. The lower level seats 60-70 depending on space requirements for food and entertainment.

How far do we go on the cruise?
We go where you want to, but keep in mind the Pearl is a paddlewheel boat and as a genuine replica is propelled by paddlewheels alone and travels at a top speed of about 6 mph.

What happens if the weather is bad on the day of my wedding?
In most cases the weather is beautiful and everything is perfect, however, sometimes things happen beyond our control. For your Lake City wedding, we will go out unless the wind is very strong and preventing us from leaving the dock, or storm/wind warnings have been issued by the National Weather Service. Frequent lightning also prevents us from going out. In most cases we can remain at the dock and serve your guests. There is no refund of the charter fee if we remain at the dock. We do not have an alternate site for your group. We suggest you line up an alternate site in the event of bad weather. You are responsible for making the arrangements for an alternate site if you desire to have one.

Cancellation policy
Our cancellation policy is described in our Charter Agreement.

formal set up2007-09-01What about decorations/tables/linen?
Decorations, if desired, are usually provided by the wedding party. Most people like to put their own special decorations on each table. Decorations are best placed downstairs on the tables. Decorations for tables can be shipped to us for placement, or the wedding party can access the boat a half hour prior to departure. We provide table white linens if desired at an extra charge.

All decorations need to be pre-approved by the Boat Company. No rice or confetti or anything of that nature is allowed to be thrown and nothing can be thrown into the River. All decorations must be placed in such a way that they will not blow off or around the boat.

Is there a place for the bride to prepare and change clothes?
There is nowhere for the bride to change so please come in your wedding attire.

How do I secure a specific date and time?
You need to select a date and exact time. A deposit for half of the charter total is required to hold your time. You do not have a charter reserved until we receive your deposit. Some dates end up being more popular than others and we can’t hold dates and times open. Some dates are already taken and we have public excursions each weekend during July and August at 1 p.m.

Your entire charter and all catering fees must be paid in full two weeks prior to your charter. We need at least 10 business days to get your catering ordered. You may pay with check via regular mail, we will accept Visa/MC/Discover/American Express over the phone.